About Slessic

Slessic is an international brand that designs, develops, and sells vintage and classic nightdresses & pajamas. Our products are mainly developed around the keywords noble, romantic, and sexy.


We are a start-up brand, but we hope to become an indispensable part of people's lives in the future. No one should be short of leisure and comfort, but it would be a better thing to have leisure and comfort without compromising your quality of life. We want you to stay classy while you sleep, so we call it Slessic. You can truly experience the beauty of life when you take off the stress and exhaustion of work and return to your warm home to put on the exquisite nightdresses and pajamas we have prepared for you.


We take products and services as our first criterion. Products and services are our most important points, and our investment in this area will also be the largest. If you have any dissatisfaction or suggestions, you can always contact us to help us do better. Whether we can grow is inseparable from the help of every customer. If you think our products meet your needs, please give us a chance to perform.