Exchange & Refund

At Slessic, doing good products and services is our first criterion, so if you are not satisfied with your order, we will first apologize to you here. I hope you can provide valuable advice to promote our progress.


Our Return & Exchange policy mainly includes the following points.


Application time

Within 7 days after your receipt of the products, you can request for exchange or refund.


Application conditions

  1. The size of the products is incorrect
  2. The color of the products is incorrect
  3. The products are damaged in transit
  4. Products lost in transit


If you meet one of the above conditions, you can apply. If you have any other questions, please contact customer service and explain in detail, and deal with them as appropriate.


Note: Products that need to be returned or exchanged must be stored in the original packaging as they are, without damage, no washing, and no damage to the product tag. If you encounter the second point above, please take pictures as soon as possible after opening the package as evidence of damage.


The following conditions cannot apply

  1. The product was vandalized after the receipt
  2. The product has been used or washed
  3. The original product hangtag is lost or vandalized
  4. The product is a clearance product


If the goods have one of the above conditions, the secondary sales will be affected, so you cannot apply for a return or exchange, please understand.


Return Process

  1. Contact customer service email to explain the product status
  2. Provide photo-proof materials
  3. Negotiate with customer service to determine the processing result
  4. Wait for customer service to notify the processing result


The customer service email is


Return Time

Regular returns require you to send the eligible products back to us, and we will process it for you after checking that there is no problem. This will take about 15-25 days, which is almost the same as the time you receive the product.

We recommend negotiating with the customer service team for another, faster process.



  1. If you choose to exchange the goods, we will resend new products and provide a new tracking number. You need to wait for a certain period to get the new goods.
  2. If you choose to refund, we need to wait for the quality inspection after receiving the returned products before proceeding with the corresponding processing. When we check the product and confirm that there is no problem, we will return your money to your original account.
  3. After we return your money, it may take 3-10 working days for your money to be returned to your original account, depending on the progress with the bank.