How to buy?

What payment method to use for payment?

We currently support two payment methods, one is to use a credit card, and the other is to use your Paypal account directly.

Supported credit card types: Visa, Mastercard, American Express.


The payment process is as follows:


1.Select the product you like and click to buy

When you only want to buy one product, click Buy Now to make the purchase directly.

As the picture shows

Click the Buy Now button to purchase

When you want to buy multiple products, you can add multiple products you like to the shopping cart and purchase them together.

As the picture shows

Add the product to the shopping cart firstBuy the products in the shopping cart together


2.Fill in your shipping information

After clicking the Buy or Check out button, you will come to this page, where you need to fill in your detailed address and information accurately to ensure that we can deliver the product safely.

As the picture shows

Fill in the detailed address you are going to receive the product

You can also use your Paypal account to make purchases directly, and we will automatically identify your information on Paypal.

As the picture shows

Purchase directly with paypal account


3.Choose shipping method

When you fill in your details and click Continue To Shipping, you will come to this page, where you have to choose your preferred shipping method.

As the picture shows

Choose your preferred shipping method

After confirming the selected shipping method, click the Continue to Payment button


4.Select payment method

After clicking the button to proceed to payment, you will come to this page, where you can choose your preferred payment method to pay.

As the picture shows

Choose your preferred payment method to pay

Clicking the Pay Now button will jump to the payer's page for payment.


5.Notification of successful payment

When you wait for a while after successful payment on the payment provider's page, the page will automatically jump to the successful payment page, which means that you have successfully paid.

As the picture shows

Payment success page

Congratulations, you have successfully purchased your favorite product, you will receive our email notification, please be patient and wait for the product to arrive at your door!